Alton House History Repository

The Hayner Public Library and the Alton Area Landmarks Association (AALA) have combined resources to create the Alton House History Repository. The repository is a collection of house, church, and building histories cataloged and stored at the Genealogy & Local History Library at 401 State Street, Alton, IL.

The repository’s initial collection was created by the donation of 300 histories written for AALA’s Fall Historic House Tours. Every year the histories of eight to ten Alton homes and buildings will be added to the repository. The Hayner Public Library and the AALA hope that citizens of Alton will contribute photos, abstracts of titles, personal reminiscences, and other mementos to the recently created folders of addresses or create new folders to include every address in Alton.

An individual file on a house might include house photographs, a copy of the abstract of the title, copies of deeds, architect or designer background, house plans or drawings, a list of owners, and stories about the building or owners. A copy of an abstract would be an important historical document to start with because they are no longer created upon a change of ownership. Churches usually have written histories of their buildings, and these could be collected as well.

Homeowners will want to start their own files in the repository. Some homeowners have done extensive research on the history of their house. The repository would ensure its preservation and safekeeping.

The AALA and Hayner Public Library believe this repository will be of value to historians, genealogists, architects, preservationists, and homeowners. The AALA would like to thank the Hayner Public Library.

For more information, you may call Hayner Library (618) 462-0677.